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Ask Congress to Fully Fund the UN and UN Peacekeeping in 2016
Over the past six years, Congress has led the way to full funding for the United Nations – but this year, this streak could end if the House and Senate don’t come to an agreement on appropriate funding levels for international affairs priorities.

Let’s make sure Congress continues to lead the way to full funding for the UN for a seventh year in a row!

Thank A UN Peacekeeper

Join five silver-screen commanders-in-chief in thanking the 125,000 heroes in blue helmets for their service.

Tell Congress that you Support the Human Rights Council's Leadership on Advancing LGBT Rights

Tell your member of Congress that you support U.S. participation in the Council – especially in its critical work to advance LGBT rights and other human rights priorities around the world.

Tell Congress to restore our UNESCO membership

Send a message to your representatives in Congress asking them to restore our membership in UNESCO -- the UN agency that works to promote education, science, and culture worldwide.

Tell Congress to Stand Up for the UN

While the members of Congress may have changed this year, a strong U.S.-UN relationship remains as important as ever. Tell your Representative today to take a stand in favor of the UN's crucial work worldwide.

More actions you can take: