International Women’s Day 2013

As UN Peacekeeping forces have expanded around the world, so has the involvement of women peacekeepers. Women suit up and are deployed in all areas - police, military and civilian - and their impact has been noticiable. Women play a large role in building peace and protecting women's rights. During the month of March as we celebrate International Women's Day (#IWD2013) we are putting the focus on the women who put their lives at risk for the greater good and safety of others.

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Key facts and figures

  • Over 3,000 women peacekeepers serve in police, military, and civilian capacities across 15 peacekeeping operations, supporting the role of women in building peace and protecting women’s rights.

  • Today, women constitute around 30% of the approximately 7,500 international civilians working in peacekeeping and special political missions. Out of approximately 125,000 peacekeepers, women constitute 3% of military personnel and 10% of police personnel in UN Peacekeeping missions. Efforts to increase the recruitment of women remain critical.

  • Three women lead peace operations as Special Representatives of the Secretary-General (SRSG) and one as acting head.

  • Three all-female UN police units have been deployed around the world: Indian in Liberia, and Bangladeshi in Haiti and DR Congo.

  • Including women as equal participants in the peace process promotes sustainable peace. Female peacekeepers act as role models for local communities, inspiring women and girls in often male-dominated societies to advance for their own rights and for participation in peace processes.

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On this international women’s day, join us in recognizing the strong women who help make peace a reality for so many in need – as only they can. Share this message with your member of Congress!

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